Central Oregon high school senior photography: Whew!

Whew! Did I say that already? This week, along with my partners at Studio 3 I’m making promotional videos. So keep your eye on ijk Productions website in the coming weeks. Many thanks to Tyler the talented brother of my partner Tambi whose shooting and editing the footage for us. Today he shadowed (stalked) me on a couple of shoots. Tomorrow I get to do my personal interview. We tried to do those yesterday but had technical issues and have to reshoot the whole thing. I discovered how hard it is to have a camera pointed at you – even more so when you have to try to sound witty. I suddenly can’t imagine how tv and movie actors can do this stuff for 12 hours a day! I’m just trying to do it for 20 minutes and I’m exhausted.

More to come…well duh! Of course there’s more to come….well unless I get hit by a bus between now and then…

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