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Bend Oregon Photographer: The Art of the Selfie!

Selfies.  Ugh!  Even the name coined for them is irritating.  Ok, maybe I’m just being grumpy.  But, really, if I see one more picture of a girl in a bathroom doing the duck face I’m going to punch someone in the neck! That being said, a popular way for a lot of current photographers to… Read more »

Bend, Oregon Portrait Photographer: My Muse!

I think a lot of artists look for the muse in their work. Mine just happened to live a couple doors away and is the daughter of some dear friends. I got to watch Hallie grow up into the beautiful young woman she is today. She was just a tomboy through school, athletic and active….in… Read more »

Jeff Kennedy, Bend Oregon portrait photographer: Sports!

The talented (and goofy) boys of the Mountain View High School varsity basketball team. One of the best 5A teams in Oregon this year! Ranked #2 headed into the playoffs. Each year I try to do something special with the boys and this year, well, we get to see how much personality these guys have…. Read more »