Bend, Oregon portrait photographer is hip after all!

I was reading the paper today and it suddenly occurred to me I’ve been a fashion trend setter all these years and didn’t realize it! I feel so hip!!! There was an article on maintaining the perfect stubble look. Evidently it’s the new fashion for men to look a little scruffy. I’ve been rocking that look for years. I used to claim it was an homage to Sunny Crockett when in fact it was usually just that I was to lazy or running too late to shave.
In fact now that I think of it the scruff look evolved from another trend I set. Did you notice the proliferation of shaved heads and goatees over the last decade? Well, I started doing that 15 years ago before it was “in”. But shaving ones head daily is kind of a pain so that slowly evolved to the scruff and another trend was born.
What’s next you may ask. Of course you want to be ahead of the trend. Well, I’ll give you a peak at the future of men’s fashion. You’ll soon be seeing the likes of Brad Pitt sporting this look. Are you ready? The next in look will be…..wait for it…..a bald spot, uni-brow, and hair growing on top of the nose and ears! It’s going to be so HOT!!!

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