ijk Productions and Jeff Kennedy wedding photography! Really? Wedding photography?

Well, yeah.  I used to shoot weddings so why not.  I still do the occasional that comes my way if it feels right.  And this year I had 3 such weddings.  The first of which featured the amazing and fun Wes and Bre!  It was a blast to hang out with them at Wes’ parents house south of Sunriver.  What an amazing place to live let alone beautiful location to have a wedding/reception.  It was a great way to get back into the swing of things when it comes to shooting a wedding. I do have to say it was also the oddest lead up to a wedding shoot in my life.

A week before the wedding I was driving my Jeep and the left front wheel came clean off!  Luckily I had just got off the parkway and wasn’t going very fast.  If it had happened 5 minutes earlier at 50mph I may not have made it to the wedding.  I might not even be here telling you the story today!  If that wasn’t enough, 2 days before the wedding I went into the ER and had to have an emergency appendectomy.  I was a bit sore on the wedding day but the love and laughter pulled me through.

So I give to you this little video in honor of Wes and Bre!  Enjoy!

Wes and Bre

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