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Bend, Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer: Say hello to Laurel!

A few years ago I had the pleasure of photographing Laurel’s sister Rachel. I must have done something right because they called me again when her sister Laurel hit “seniorhood”. We had a great time spread out over a couple of days to hit all the great locations we wanted. Enjoy!

Bend, Oregon Photographer: Senior Portraits of Emily!

Yes, you’re correct.  I am a lucky, lucky man.  I mean I get to do what I love for a living (that would be take pictures of people) and I have amazing clients.  Take Emily for example.  I mean, how could anyone miss with a face like that?!?!?  And you know how some people just… Read more »

Central Oregon photographer: Simplification!

So I was reading an op-ed piece by David Brooks of the New York Times entitled Living south of the Haimish Line. The basic concept had to do with the Yiddish word haimish. The essence of which is warmth, domesticity, and unpretentious conviviality. In other words someplace happy and comfortable. He tied it to simplicity… Read more »

Central Oregon Photographer: Headshots!

I’ve been creating images of lovely Corinne since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Ok, I’m officially old.  Only old people say, “knee high to a grasshopper”.  Oh well, I can live with that.  Its true though.  She’s long known she wanted to act and I’ve been doing her headshots and promotional shots since… Read more »